4 Questions with CrossKnowledge Content Director Sophie Legrandois

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4 Questions with CrossKnowledge Content Director Sophie Legrandois

4 Questions with CrossKnowledge Content Director Sophie Legrandois

2021 – A year to humanize our workplaces again

Sophie Legrandois from CrossKnowledge

About Sophie: At CrossKnowledge for 10 years, Sophie Legrandois has been in charge of Content development within the Product Department since 2018. Prior to joining CrossKnowledge and the world of e-learning, Sophie had an early career in the Localization industry.

A look at the impact of our content roadmap

The year 2021 saw unprecedented challenges and brought profound changes as COVID19 imposed a dramatic shift in ways of working. The current situation has compelled organizations to take a new look at everything when it comes to learning.

Over the past year, typical operating models and go-to-market strategies were put to the test and required swift adaptation. Corporate learning continues to be an important vector for change and we are here for it. We also shifted gears to serve engaging learning on the most relevant topics for all types of businesses.

Today, we’d like to give you some insight into what drives our content roadmap in this insightful 4-question interview with our very own Sophie Legrandois, CrossKnowledge Content Director.

Hi Sophie! Tell us about your team’s decision process when it comes to developing content for the most in-demand skills and new learning experiences?

Our library team curates and creates engaging learning experiences on high in demand topics. We are focused on addressing relevant themes for the client organizations we partner with, handling emerging requests for skill building from our clients through our interactions, and analyzing data gathered by our Customer Insights team. We also look to market needs by monitoring current and projected skill gaps from organizations like the World Economic Forum, which brought us to the soft skills space in the first place. Apart from specific IT skills, employee-powered with the right people and business skills will make the most impact on your business strategy and its deployment. And then of course, we have our finger on the pulse of emerging hot topics derived from the interpretation of actual usage data for the most solicited and consumed skillsets by platform users.

What topics did this process deliver?

It helped us to focus on improving our content offer over the past year by offering new topics.

Our ambition is to offer a complete coverage of essential human skills, so we have continued to add the most in-demand topics developed with award-winning thought leaders:

  • “Psychological Safety” with Amy Edmondson
  • “Mental Health and Wellbeing at Work” with Donna Butler and Gil Hasson
  • “Hybrid Working”​ with Lisette Sutherland
  • “Critical Thinking” with Tom Chatfield
  • “Digital Transformation” with Nathan Furr
  • “Corporate Ethics” with Julian Baggini
  • “Innovation Amid Uncertainty” with Nathan Furr
  • “Accountability” with Vince Molinaro

As of now, we have developed over 270 Skill Paths to cover essential human skills, ranging across a wide variety of people and business skills.

Indeed, you mention CrossKnowledge Skill Paths as an essential format for skill building. Why is that?

CrossKnowledge skill paths have been designed in a format that responds to a typical modern learner’s growing needs – and busy schedule. They are well timed to fit into the flow of work, crafted to be consumed in about 30 minutes, and skillfully designed with our subject matter experts and global thought leaders. But also by employing learning design, we can anticipate how your employees learn and anchor new behaviors by putting the skills into immediate practice in a real-world, personal and professional environment.

Adding new topics is paramount, but what about enhancing our existing learning experiences?

That was another priority, of course! Many of our Faculty videocasts have undergone a major face lift, to make them fresh and engaging:

  • New background colors, in line with the Skill Path designs
  • Respecting the readability rules for accessibility
  • New jingles
  • Continued localization for availability in up to 18 languages

Beyond this, we really wanted to focus on the “experience” part of learning experiences. With CrossKnowledge Skill Paths and Path-to-Performance, the learner is guided step-by-step thanks to engaging storytelling, and learning is reinforced via exchanges with colleagues and through practical exercises in near real time for true skills acquisition.

The way we monitor the results of our training programs demonstrates the effectiveness of our efforts, with satisfaction rates that are excellent and completion rates that are up to 4x higher than market standards.

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