Soft Skills Series: Challenging The Decision-Making Process -Episode 4

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Soft Skills Series: Challenging The Decision-Making Process -Episode 4

Soft Skills Series: Challenging The Decision-Making Process -Episode 4

We have to make choices every day in our professional lives, but are we aware of the factors that influence those choices? In the 4th e-Book of our Soft Skills Series, “Challenge The Decision-Making Process”, we present the fundamentals of how to make better strategic decisions. Based on research conducted by Olivier Sibony, writer and consultant specialized in corporate strategy, our e-Book will provide you with a wealth of information to help you improve the quality of your decisions.

‘Challenging The Decision-Making Process’: What’s Inside

decision-making process by Olivier Sibony and CrossKnowledge

The e-Book opens with a brief introduction and overview of Olivier Sibony’s work. It is then divided into two main parts. The first part presents a background of the decision-making process in three subsections:

  • Daily Decisions Drive Strategic Direction
  • Design a Core Strategic Decision-Making Process to Reduce Biases
  • Three Types of Decision Processes to Rethink

The second part then goes on to provide 14 practical tips on how to make company decisions more strategic, such as:

  • Overcome the Forecasting Fallacy
  • The ‘War-Gaming’ Technique
  • The Anti-Portfolio Technique
  • Prevent Groupthink

Good Decisions Equal Better Performance

Decision-making has an impact on many other company processes and even performance. Download our new e-Book to gain valuable insight into the mechanisms that drive professional decisions. By avoiding the common pitfalls of group dynamics and individual biases when making decisions, it is critical to see the big picture in order to align choices with company strategy and create coherent processes. Afterall when it comes down to it, good decisions are the foundation to improved company performance.

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