[WEBINAR Recap] Create Blended Solutions That Engage Hybrid Workers

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[WEBINAR Recap] Create Blended Solutions That Engage Hybrid Workers

[WEBINAR Recap] Create Blended Solutions That Engage Hybrid Workers

  tom herringAbout our expert: Tom Herring is a Solutions Consultant at CrossKnowledge. With a background in functional in-house HR, Tom has spent the last 5 years working in HR technology consultancy, leveraging his passion for technology and its ability to add value to workers on a global scale. With significant experience working across Europe, Tom has seen the impact that successful digital learning strategies create for organizations and employees alike.

Hybrid working creates challenges for L&D

With hybrid workers becoming the new normal for many organizations, there are a new set of challenges facing L&D professionals. The existing skills gap within organizations has been further exacerbated by the impact COVID had on most workplaces. According to one study, HR Leaders stated that over 40% of their workforce requires new skills in order to adapt to these new ways of working, while the total number of skills required for any single job is increasing by 10% year-on-year. With workers increasingly absent from the office and instead working remotely under some form of hybrid model, coherent learning practices must be put in place to facilitate learning and aim to fill the upcoming skills gap.

Motivation, motivation, motivation

CrossKnowledge is first and foremost a learning company, which uses The HILL Model as its fundamental approach to pedagogy. This Model is based on 7 principles, or building blocks, aimed at engaging learners, managers and corporations. However, a single ingredient lies at its core and acts as the driving force behind each principle, and that is motivation. The key question the model addresses is how we can pique the interests of learners and spark their curiosity to create long-lasting impact, especially when they are working remotely?

CK Blend is a learning solution with a structured online learning format, based on the HILL Model. It incorporates a range of different activity types, designed to keep learners motivated and engaged, and ultimately expand and build on critical skill sets. Engagement is driven through numerous collaborative, social and classroom activities, bringing in content from a range of sources, and evaluating learning through various means. If learners are going to remain engaged in a training course, the barrier of the screen has to be bypassed so that learners feel they are actually part of a training course, and not just aimlessly consuming learning resources.

The importance of a facilitator

The adoption at an unprecedented level of virtual classrooms and online meeting tools has driven a transformation in the learning design phase. With face-to-face interactions between training facilitators and learners understandably less common than in pre-COVID days, CK Blend provides a range of digital tools that help training facilitators stay connected with learners and keep them engaged and motivated. As an organization, you can use CK Blend to embed virtual classroom meetings within the learning journey and give the facilitator the option to manage attendance and provide valuable feedback. Facilitators are also able to make and provide feedback on specific assignments, initiate and encourage discussion within social forums, and send reminders and targeted notifications to keep learners on track.

Learner Marketing to the fore

CK Blend’s range of activities, technology and facilitator functionality raises an important point around Learner Marketing. With remote learning arguably at the forefront of learning management priorities, the solution provides all of the tools to keep employees learning and eager to keep returning to the platform to develop their skills. However, the way that learning is delivered needs to be comprehensively considered: What blend of activities, reminders and facilitator behavior is going to keep remote learners as engaged as possible?

At CrossKnowledge, our dedicated teams can help you design the CK Blend solution to meet your specific needs and business goals.

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