Credit Libanais, iQuad and CrossKnowledge: a fruitful collaboration for an efficient learning platform

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Credit Libanais, iQuad and CrossKnowledge: a fruitful collaboration for an efficient learning platform

Credit Libanais, iQuad and CrossKnowledge: a fruitful collaboration for an efficient learning platform

Our CrossKnowledge Academy Awards winners have so many things to tell! This week share the learning experience of Credit Libanais who won a special prize in the “Best e-learning roll out” category. We interviewed Bassam Namour, Training and Development Manager at Credit Libanais and Fady Abdul Khalek,  Founder and Managing Director of iQuad Learning Solutions.

1. Why did you decide to use in cooperation with iQuad a CrossKnowledge distance learning solution in your corporate environment? What were your goals and the main challenges?

Since distance learning was a challenge and next step further in our talent education program we had to choose a company that had to offer the largest and most complete range of online courses to train our staff, IQUAD Learning Solutions / CrossKnowledge was a known distance learning solution company, that we thought was the best choice.

Our major goal was to have a cost efficient platform where our employees would have the chance of learning individually at their own pace. Challenges were few, specifically in the technological match and the time management of our staff.
Distance Learning is a solution that if implemented professionally will generate high returns. As a leading Bank, we had to select the learning Partner that will add value to our learning delivery.

Our main objectives of implementing such a solutions are to:

  • Offer a cost-effective solution with a Learner Centric Approach
  • Enhance employee skills in No time
  • Partner with a Learning provider that will add value to our training delivery
  • Provide a standard and continuous training for all employees wherever they are

IQUAD Learning Solutions is a leading organization in Lebanon offering Technology Enabled Learning Solutions. The company has developed an e-learning implementation Model the “QUAD e-Learning Model“ that we followed to achieve our objectives. IQUAD Learning Solutions has recommended the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite for its diverse and advanced functionalities and ease of use. In addition to that, the company has recommended the CrossKnowledge content for its depth and adaptive instructional design. The content is also available in English and French Languages which makes the best fit for our staff.

2. What kind of functions are concerned by this digital learning solution (all employees, managers)?

All functions were involved in this academic digital learning solution; each level was given a well chosen curriculum according to role of each function either videocasts, sessions or simply action tips.

The Solution has been launched targeting all white collar employees in branches and departments. Training Plans have been mapped according to functional and departmental skills. Such plans included different learning modalities such as interactive content, essentials and action tips. In addition to that and due to the flexibility of the CrossKnowledge platform, we have launched a set of compliance and bank specific content targeting technical skills.

3. What are the results you obtained?

Results were remarkable, the bank has seen an amazing return on investment. In addition, it has seen an improvement in the factual knowledge of its staff. A survey has just been issued for the year 2013-2014 and results were very positive in all means.

Over the past couple of years of implementing e-learning, we have been monitoring our return on investment. The results year after year have proven to be very good if not remarkable. We have also conducted different surveys to measure the Knowledge gain of employees; this also turned to be very satisfying.

4. You received, two months ago, an award from CrossKnowledge in the best e-learning roll-out category. What was the impact within your organization?

Receiving the award by such a international and professional company was a great honor by itself. This achievement illustrated the exceptional efforts that Credit Libanais Group has placed in the personal and professional development of its staff and management, in order to continue providing its clients with the best banking and financial services. Impact was great, internally and externally. We have received several congratulations after launching it internally and through press releases externally.

Being recognized from a leading distance learning provider such as CrossKnowledge was very motivating for Credit Libanais group generally and for the training team specifically. Following that, we gained more support from the executive management who have also invested in a set of press releases that positioned the bank as a leader in implementing distance learning through CrossKnowledge.

5. What are the next steps ?

Blended Learning is our major next step in our educational core curriculum. The future is ahead of us we have to grab this opportunity and continue to pioneer in the market by placing ourselves number 1 between banks in E Learning . Moreover, an idea is being studied to have an ELearning academy for external customers and students to involve them in ELearning and to implant CL new image among them.

The Plan for 2014 – 2015 and in collaboration with IQUAD Learning Solutions is to utilize the CrossKnowledge platform to offer a blended approach following a certain methodology to measure the Impact of such a solution on employees’ behavior. A planned workflow is set in place to enforce the utilization of the action tips and to make sure that employees are implementing the knowledge they gain, hence ensuring a skill gain and not only knowledge gain.

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