Digital Learning as the Foundation of an Effective Onboarding Program at SOCOMEC

Case Study

Digital Learning as the Foundation of an Effective Onboarding Program at SOCOMEC

Case Study
Digital Learning as the Foundation of an Effective Onboarding Program at SOCOMEC
A lot is at stake when organizations onboard new talents: employer branding, employee engagement and motivation as well as talent retention.
Digital learning can bring a lot of value when it comes to building onboarding programs that deliver on their promise. It has 4 main advantages:

1. Digital learning helps inform newcomers in a consistent way, anywhere, anytime

One of the main objectives of any successful onboarding program is to consistently inform all employees, wherever they are. Indeed, the company must ensure that all newcomers share a common understanding of the organization’s vision, mission and DNA. Thanks to digital learning, new recruits will be able to train remotely, in synchronous or asynchronous modes, and from anywhere in the world. This will ensure that the vision is shared by all.

2. Thanks to digital learning, every new recruit can get a personalized learning experience

With digital learning, organizations can offer customized training courses to all newcomers, emphasizing the specific business skills they have to acquire. These can be technical skills, types of behavior to adopt, software to master… By moving away from the “one size fits all” approach, and providing individualized training to all employees, organizations will reduce time to competency and deliver more value to the newcomer.

3. Social learning promotes the creation of strong relationships, even at a distance

Onboarding is important for individual development, but it is also decisive to build relationships with other colleagues, even ones that are part of other teams. Social learning makes it possible to keep the conversation going after face to face meetings, and thus to strengthen the relationship. Learning communities are great to engage in discussions by sharing content and opinions. They can be reinforced with gamification as a strategy to boost collaboration.

4.  Through digital training, managers can evaluate newcomers’ performance at a glance

The digital platform used to train newcomers can capture a lot of important information, such as:

  • time spent on training sessions,
  • test scores
  • number of training courses started
  • number & quality of discussions with colleagues

All these indicators will provide the manager with an overview of the newcomer’s time to competency, and of the quality of his/her integration into the organization.

SOCOMEC: leveraging digital learning to create a successful onboarding program

In the electrical technology market, Socomec has found its place alongside giants such as Siemens or Schneider Electric. Today, Socomec is a global industrial group with more than 3,000 employees spread over 27 countries. Socomec’s onboarding program allows them to reduce time to competency and to guarantee a consistent delivery of key messages across all the organization. In collaboration with CrossKnowledge, Socomec created a blended onboarding program including:

  • access for all new employees to a digital platform, from their first day
  • access to “onboarding weeks” or “onboarding days” where employees are invited to spend some time at the headquarters.

On the digital platform, new employees have immediate access to important information, such as roles and responsibilities or processes to understand. Later on, they are registered to training sessions linked to their professional skills. These specific courses related to their individual job description are integrated into the global onboarding program. This helps to contextualize the onboarding program for every employee, which boosts engagement and motivation.

By using this approach, Socomec is able to reach colleagues in 16 countries and has registered satisfaction rates averaging 88%! Through digital learning, the power of the onboarding program is multiplied, which adds a lot for value for the organization and every employee.

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