Digital learning at PANDORA: the support for a rapid organisational expansion

Case Study

Digital learning at PANDORA: the support for a rapid organisational expansion

Case Study
Digital learning at PANDORA: the support for a rapid organisational expansion

In today’s world, company-wide reorganization is commonplace, especially among international organizations. The reasons? A lot of things! From expansion to culture alignment and new strategies resulting in a need for change.

To help prepare your organization for future organizational challenges, and for dealing with the unexpected, training is key. Operating internationally means providing the right education to every territory, so that knowledges and practices are perfectly aligned between different countries.

That’s exactly what international jewellery company PANDORA did to help ease their expansion plans! By using a new learning management system, they offered a training solution to their team managers to facilitate access to training across the world. Want to know how they did it? Feel free to look through our PANDORA Use Case!

The challenges faced by PANDORA’s learning and development team

Overhauling the learning and development structure of an international company isn’t easy, but with a structured approach, the team managed to overcome their challenges one by one.

Governance structure

PANDORA had no central governance structure. There was varying levels of uptake depending on the different areas of the business. Without a clear and defined structure in place, making a success of any changes was going to be challenging…

Administrative complexity

Their administration process had become time-consuming and expensive. Even minor LMS tasks were becoming a burden: streamlining the whole administration was a must.

Data quality

Without a central database of learner data, or any global standards for gathering ‘master data’, updating information was taking up far too much time. Also there were no human capital management systems or data feeds! The data quality needed to improve with the team having to deal with privacy regulations of inside and external users throughout the world.

7 key steps for deploying a new learning management system

To address the challenges and create a perfectly aligned learning experience, a real expertise and proper team collaboration between PANDORA and CrossKnowledge were needed. The path to success was mapped out in seven steps:

  • Defining clear objectives – With clear objectives PANDORA’s and CrossKnowledge’s teams were working together towards the same goals.
  • Partnering from the start – An essential step to ensure everyone knows their roles from the outset.
  • Defining a core team – With a core team working together, PANDORA and CrossKnowledge were able to set out defined targets.
  • Training local administrators – New learning management programs require the entire company to buy into them, and that means training at a local level.
  • Cleaning and migrating data – Good data is essential to the success of any learning program, so it needed to be cleaned and migrated to a new source.
  • Enhancing UX to engage learners – The whole user experience needs to be engaging, encouraging and make people actively want to learn.
  • Designing a great user interface – It needs to be welcoming and easily accessible. Without a great user interface, all your efforts could be wasted.

The results: A new way of learning

By following this seven steps and working together towards the same goals, PANDORA and CrossKnowledge were able to publish Link.

A user-friendly learning experience

Delivered in just six weeks and available to PANDORA employees all over the world, Link is a truly seamless learning experience that helps support PANDORA’s rapid growth by providing essential training to every area of the business.

Not only that, but the experience is completely localized, meaning it’s adapted to suit the territory in which it’s being accessed. Completely bespoke learner journeys are available in 20 languages, and with the program accessible on multiple devices, it can be used both internally and externally within franchises. Want to discover the details of this successful collaboration between PANDORA and CrossKnowledge? Download the Use Case!

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