DP WORLD : Digital Learning to Optimize Port Operations and Reduce Risk


DP WORLD : Digital Learning to Optimize Port Operations and Reduce Risk

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DP WORLD : Digital Learning to Optimize Port Operations and Reduce Risk

DP WORLD is the third largest port operator in the world. Therefore, the quality and consistency of its services must be impeccable. There is no room for error, because of the extreme security risks and financial implications for the business as well as the entire supply chain. DP WORLD’s digital learning strategy must be designed so that its employees are well-trained and prepared.

A clear objective: reduce financial risks thanks to a complete Digital Learning strategy

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In the case of DP WORLD, this strategy meant optimizing port operations for an estimated cost savings of $295,000 as a direct result of its DP WORLD Lean Program.

Prior to launching the program, IQUAD, DP WORLD’s long-term development partner, recommended the CrossKnowledge solution, because they knew they would be the best choice to deliver an effective blended learning program to port operations employees.

Watch this exclusive interview: 4 Questions with Ahmed Abu Safia, Senior Manager Business and Digital Learning, where he speaks about the collaboration with CrossKnowledge:

The ingredients for a successful Digital Learning strategy at DP WORLD

Quai de déchargement DP WORLDThe project team, headed by Ahmed Abu Safia, DP WORLD’s Senior Business and Digital Learning Manager, developed an approach that combines online and face-to-face learning, as well as offering local support to learners. This 10-month program, called i-learn, has produced consistently good results and fit perfectly within the Company’s Digital Learning strategy.

Overcoming the technical challenges associated with port operations training

As you can imagine, training personnel working on port operations requires a very flexible and accessible approach to learning. DP WORLD’s digital training strategy had to be integrated as closely as possible to the workflow and allow for maximum agility, in order to avoid the need for a temporary external workforce to pick up the slack.

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