Soft Skills Series: Building a Fearless Team – Episode 6


Soft Skills Series: Building a Fearless Team – Episode 6

Soft Skills Series: Building a Fearless Team – Episode 6
Successful organizations harness the power of their employees’ ideas, expertise, and passions. Every contribution counts. But how can companies encourage staff to speak up? According to Harvard Professor Amy Edmondson, they need to create a climate of psychological safety where team members feel free to put forward ideas, concerns, and take interpersonal risks for the good of the company.

Our new e-Book explores why psychological safety is essential in today’s knowledge economy, and provides proven strategies that companies can use to transform themselves into fearless organizations.

Amy Edmondson’s expert insight

Professor, prize-winning industry figurehead, and author, Amy Edmondson is best known for her pioneering work on psychological safety. In this new e-Book, she’ll show you how to:

  • Enhance performance, worker safety, and engagement
  • Plan how to overcome resistance and transform your organization

Building a Fearless Team: what’s inside

Psychological safety: how to build a fearless team

Beginning with a brief introduction and biography, the e-Book is divided into two parts:

  • Part 1: Why psychological safety is important
  • Part 2: How to create psychological safety

Drawing on well-known examples and common business problems, each section will put your leadership roles and company culture under the microscope to help you pave the way for a more open, candid, and effective working environment.

Ideas are key differentiators in today’s knowledge economy. But you have to create the right environment for them to flourish. Only then can employees feel psychologically safe enough to challenge the status quo for the good of the organization.

With this new 10-minute e-Book, “Building a Fearless Team”, Amy Edmondson demonstrates how leaders can unlock team potential and help employees find their voices. The importance of psychological safety in the workplace should never be underestimated. It is not just advantageous, but essential in this VUCA world. Create the right professional climate and your fearless organization will thrive.
Psychological safety: building a fearless team

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