Soft Skills Series: Successfully Changing Corporate Culture – Episode 9


Soft Skills Series: Successfully Changing Corporate Culture – Episode 9

Soft Skills Series: Successfully Changing Corporate Culture – Episode 9
Fons Trompenaars is a Dutch author, consultant and trainer in the field of cross-communication. He has been voted one of the world’s most influential management theorists by HR Magazine, and has received numerous accolades. He aids organizations in establishing a corporate culture conducive to the framing and resolution of business dilemmas and details a methodology for addressing them. Download his new e-Book now to define a path to success for your organization.

Changing corporate culture with Fons Trompenaars

Trompenaars’ strategy takes into account the volatility of today’s business world. With so many countries operating with varying methodologies, change can happen quickly and organizations need to respond accordingly. This is not currently the case, as companies tend to adapt slowly, causing operations such as mergers and acquisitions to fail. To combat this trend, he recommends first harnessing organizational culture to make lasting change in a company via an integral process, and then implementing large-scale strategy to move a business forward in the international sphere. His process includes problem-solving and decision-making steps to reconcile cultural dilemmas.

Fons Trompenaars’ e-Book: what’s in it?

changing corporate culture with Fons Trompenaars

This e-Book contains valuable information about how to identify seemingly opposing dilemmas and translate organizational values into concrete behaviors for their reconciliation. In addition, it identifies several main types of organizations and their formulas for success: the Guided Missile, the Incubator, the Eiffel Tower, and the Family Organization.

Trompenaars places a particular emphasis on reconciling seemingly opposing values. For instance, analog vs. digital: you’ll find out how a bank succeed in finding a solution to take advantage of this two opposing options by asking itself: “How can the Internet help us deepen the relationship by better targeting our actions?” The Trompenaars’ process includes five steps:

  1. Diagnose current culture
  2. Identify the business dilemma
  3. Reconcile the business dilemma
  4. Define the culture and values needed to reconcile the business dilemma
  5. Translate these values into concrete behaviors

With this new 10-minute e-Book, Successfully Changing Corporate Culture, Fons Trompenaars shares his proven methodology to constructively approach complex corporate situations. Download it now to take your teams and your organization further with Fons Trompenaars!

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