Soft Skills Series: Making the Case for Corporate Altruism – Episode 10


Soft Skills Series: Making the Case for Corporate Altruism – Episode 10

Soft Skills Series: Making the Case for Corporate Altruism – Episode 10
In this new e-Book, Matthieu Ricard shares his teachings on corporate altruism. According to Ricard, altruism can improve company performance by strengthening interpersonal relationships among employees and improving leadership skills among managers.

Matthieu Ricard and corporate altruism

Matthieu Ricard is a Buddhist monk with a Ph.D. in cell genetics. He was born in France but has been living and studying Buddhism in the Himalayas for over 40 years. He currently studies the effects that meditation has on the mind and how people can use meditation to develop altruism. Ricard is the bestselling author of Altruism: The Power of Compassion to Change Yourself and the World, Happiness: A Guide to Developing Life’s Most Important Skill, Caring Economics: Conversations on Altruism and Compassion, among others. He explains that, although perhaps contrary to popular belief, altruism is indeed compatible with business.

For Ricard, some of the positive effects of corporate altruism are:

  • Employees feel more invested in their work and remain longer at their jobs
  • Interpersonal relationships are improved
  • An atmosphere of trust and kindness promotes well-being
  • Conflicts can be neutralized in a positive way
The altruistic leader
Leaders can integrate altruism into their management styles to create an atmosphere of well-being within their teams. By learning how to serve their company and their employees, leaders will stay more connected to the reality on the ground and bring out the best in people.

Corporate altruism in the caring economy

corporate altruism

Ricard argues that a new type of economy is possible and necessary. The Earth’s resources are limited and financial gain should be as well. Rather than competing in the rat race to acquire more profits, companies can see success in a different light and measure it based on what they give back to society. What positive changes have they brought about and for whom? This revolutionary approach to business creates a more sustainable system based on the triple bottom line:

  • Sustainable profits
  • Quality of life for all stakeholders
  • Respect for the environment

Download the new e-Book to gain a better understanding of how corporate altruism can have a positive impact on company performance.

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