Soft Skills Series: Fulfilling the Leadership Contract – Episode 8


Soft Skills Series: Fulfilling the Leadership Contract – Episode 8

Soft Skills Series: Fulfilling the Leadership Contract – Episode 8
Vince Molinaro PhD is a strategic advisor and public speaker, recognized as an expert in the subject of leadership and cultural change. His life work has consisted of helping organizations transform their leadership culture, with the goal of building strong leadership at every level of management. Discover with this new e-Book how the “Leadership Contract” will help you strengthen the culture and performance of your leaders and your entire organization.

Author of The Leadership Contract, Leadership Solutions, and The Leadership Gap, the international executive defines leadership as a conscious decision that should respect four conditions:

  • Leaders must define themselves as such
  • Leaders have obligations
  • Leadership also takes hard work
  • Leadership requires collaboration with others.

Although, much like a license agreement, many make the commitment to become a leader without taking account of the responsibility involved.

The leadership contract by Vince Molinaro

Leadership, according to Molinaro, is a community affair. It is not a birthright, but can be a legacy. Leaders must be accountable for their actions: they must be righteous and behave appropriately. Additionally, leaders are responsible for forging company culture and must be resolved in their approach. They must be an example to follow, and maintain themselves in top form to be sure to demonstrate the path to success for future employees. Beyond this, it is important for leaders not to avoid conflict, but rather to embrace it and strive to resolve and mitigate it. Some of today’s leaders lack this courage, which can have a detrimental effect on their team and even the company.

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The path to leadership

Becoming a leader is a path to follow. It’s a goal to reach through a journey and not something that is acquired by default. It is a conscious decision that should not be taken lightly. It also requires emotional intelligence, confidence, and a certain resilience which may not come easy to all. Leadership is a role in itself, and not a title simply for extra income or a heightened place in the company hierarchy. Discover Vince Molinaro’s e-Book to understand the ins and outs of the leadership contract.

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