Soft Skills Series: Leadership in the Digital Era – Episode 5


Soft Skills Series: Leadership in the Digital Era – Episode 5

Soft Skills Series: Leadership in the Digital Era – Episode 5

Digital transformation is revolutionizing the workplace—and leadership with it. The very essence of what it means to lead is changing. So leaders must adapt to increasingly fast-moving environments, embrace greater diversity, and utilize the ever-changing knowledge economy. But how? Strategy expert Amit Mukherjee is here to help in our new e-Book. It’s jam-packed with key findings from research into digital technologies, successful solutions, and practical suggestions to help you become a better leader in the digital world.

Dr. Amit Mukherjee’s expert advice

An educator, business researcher, strategy consultant and author, Amit Mukherjee is a respected voice in the business community and recognized leadership expert. In this new e-Book, he’ll show you how to:

  • Identify the key challenges of leading in the digital era
  • Adapt your leadership strategy to face these challenges head-on

Leadership in the digital era : what’s inside


Beginning with a brief introduction and biography, the e-Book is divided into 10 short sections:

  1. The fallacy of disruption-focused thinking
  2. Be a culture-neutral leader
  3. Agility is not enough
  4. First to market does not guarantee success
  5. Fostering creativity in a thought-driven world
  6. Are SMART goals still relevant in the digital world?
  7. When you say win-win, mean it
  8. Leadership responses in a VUCA world
  9. Dealing with complexity
  10. Preparing for a VUCA world

Drawing on well-known examples, each section will test your current thinking and outline strategies you can adopt to make you a better leader in an ever-evolving workplace.

Digital technology has irrevocably changed the way we work. Leaders now face a stark choice: keep pace or fall behind. With this new 10-minute e-Book Leadership in the Digital Era, Amit Mukherjee lays bare the challenges we face and how we can tackle them head-on to become successful leaders in the digital world.

leadership in the digital era

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