Gamification: keys of success to develop a gamified e-learning system


Gamification: keys of success to develop a gamified e-learning system

Gamification: keys of success to develop a gamified e-learning system

Millions of players are hooked on the famous on-line game Candy Crush. “Epic Win”, “Game Over” and “Level” are now familiar terms borrowed from the world of video games. Irrespective of age, education, and background, game playing is a universal phenomenon, and on-line gaming has given it a fresh boost.

In light of this popularity, companies are showing serious interest in the question of gaming, especially in the training sphere. Gamification is becoming a full-fledged component of training initiatives.

Gamification consists of using elements and techniques borrowed from games in areas where they were not originally present. Applied to the corporate world, the game itself is not the main objective but represents a way of getting people to adopt and use the applications it is linked to. Using the mechanisms of play, gamification can help us to motivate staff and fully engage them in their training programs.

A succesful gamified system for your training program

You want to setup a gamified system for your training project but you don’t know how? Don’t panic, we will guide you thanks to our expert Marco Van Sterkenburg, CEO of Drillster, who will reveal you how to succeed in gamification during our exclusive webinar on September 18!

After having completed his International Business Studies in The Netherlands and France, Marco van Sterkenburg worked in the international telecommunications industry for many years. Marco led new international business sales for France Télécom and Equant (now Orange) when the international telecommunications market was opened in 1994. Marco was responsible for the sales of highly complex technical data and voice communication services to multinational companies in a wide variety of markets.

As of 2001 Marco played a key role as sales and business development director with Bibit Global Payment Services, an online payment service provider. In this role Marco was responsible for business development in France and Spain, at the time new markets for Bibit. In 2004 Bibit Global Payment Services was successfully sold to The Royal Bank of Scotland.

It’s during this time at Bibit that Marco met Thomas Goossens with whom he co-founded Drillster. Thomas conceived the concept of Drillster in 2008, out of a personal learning requirement and frustration with the available learning tools. Together with Marco he developped the first version of the adaptive learning algorithm. The learning platform was officially launched under the name of Drillster in the summer of 2011 when the first customer was signed up.

Drillster is an adaptive learning and testing platform that enables users to develop and retain any type of knowledge in an efficient and sustaining way. The service has a unique and proprietary algorithm that drives personalized learning: per user it changes the order and frequency of the learning material. Learning material is repeated in a smart way throughout time in order to anchor the knowledge or awareness. Scientific researched showed last year that this learning method leads to 10% higher ROI on learning in 40% less study time.

Drillster is an assessment based learning tool; knowledge is being developped and maintained through the presentation of questions with immediate feedback. Unique in the proposition is Drillster’s capacity to calculate when knowledge declines over time if it is not maintained. Users will then get a notification so they can brush up on their knowledge or awareness. This makes Drillster the ideal tool to anchor knowledge or for permanent education.

Customers can upload their own content to the platform or have adaptive learning exercises developed by the didactic experts of Drillster. Besides it powerful adaptive learning engine, Drillster has a suit of testing functions ranging from diagnostic tests to adaptive tests and examinations. CrossKnowledge clients can easily use Drillster within their existing learning platform as Drillster has been integrated into the CrossKnowledge platform. Besides the integrated use in learning platforms, the service can be used on Drillster’s own online platform or using the Drillster iOS or Android apps.

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