[Infographic] The Advantages of an All-Inclusive Training Program

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[Infographic] The Advantages of an All-Inclusive Training Program

[Infographic] The Advantages of an All-Inclusive Training Program

When we create a training program, we generally expect everything to be ready in a heartbeat so we can quickly deploy it amongst our learners. Find out how to save precious time by capitalizing on all-inclusive programs!

The limits of conventional deployment

You’ve probably already heard this before but the time needed to create and deploy programs, whether 100% digital or blended learning, is around several weeks rather than just a few days. In fact, to build a program, a company needs to mobilize many members of its workforce and this can be quite costly (especially if a large amount of content needs to be created). The exploratory, validation, and production phases are slowed down by various adjustments and many go-betweens for tests, not to mention validation times.

The advantages of an all-inclusive training program

However, when we opt for all-inclusive programs, the time we spend in exploratory, personalization and production phases, prior to program launch, is drastically reduced! By the end of the second week, you are ready to connect with your learners. You can do all that without compromising the quality of content or the degree of personalization. As for the learning experience, it integrates a wide range of activities to keep your learners engaged from program start to finish. 2 weeks! That’s all the time your company needs to deploy Path to Performance™.

Do your managers need to be trained in successful management techniques, leadership skills or methods for improving collaboration within their teams? Do you want to encourage innovative approaches such as design thinking, management 3.0, and creativity building? Are personal development and well-being core concerns in your company? Choose among 30 Path to Performance™ programs and train your managers without time constraints!

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