Our New ebook Introduces the HILL Model for High-Impact Learning that Lasts


Our New ebook Introduces the HILL Model for High-Impact Learning that Lasts

Our New ebook Introduces the HILL Model for High-Impact Learning that Lasts

The ultimate goal of any L&D department is to develop the skills of its workforce with learning processes that produce long-lasting results. We all know that is easier said than done. Fortunately, Filip Dochy and Mien Segers, both professors of corporate training in the Netherlands, have turned 25 years of academic research into an effective and engaging learning method called the HILL Model.

Why the HILL Model?

Because it works. In a study carried out by Dr. Wieman, Nobel Prize winner and professor at Stanford University, the HILL Model was proven to be more effective than a traditional training pathway, with an average assessment score among learners of 74% as opposed to 41%. This research shows that the HILL Model outperforms traditional learning methods, even when the latter integrate highly interactive content.

How does it work?

The HILL Model is based on 7 principles, or building blocks, aimed at engaging learners, managers and corporations. However, a single ingredient lies at its core and acts as the driving force behind each principle, and that is motivation. The key question the Model addresses is how can we pique the interests of learners and spark their curiosity to create long-lasting impact?

Keys to successfully implementing the HILL Model

For starters, managers must play a key role in learning. To guarantee learner engagement and boost motivation, they need to give support, advice and encouragement. In addition, they must ensure that training courses are relevant to the working lives of learners.

Another key element to success is data. By collecting key assessment indicators on a digital learning platform, we gain insight into learner habits such as time spent on learning, progress, preferred subjects, and knowledge retention. With this information, instructors can give constructive feedback throughout the entire learning process.

Download this e-book and take the time to think about your current learning program to identify which of the 7 building blocks you currently implement and those you do not. To create more engaging programs, apply the HILL Model block by block according to your needs, and you’ll see the impact of your training programs soar.

Eager to get started? Download our e-Book to find out more about the HILL Model and start implementing the 7 building blocks of high impact learning today!

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