[Interactive Infographics] Finding the Right Balance to Meet Your Training Goals


[Interactive Infographics] Finding the Right Balance to Meet Your Training Goals

[Interactive Infographics] Finding the Right Balance to Meet Your Training Goals
With this interactive infographics, find out how to bring balance to your training programs, by adapting four pillars to your training goals.

How to make the 4 learning pillars work for you

If you’ve downloaded our e-Book, you’ll know all about the 4 pillars of a successful learning program. These pillars are necessary elements to include when creating an effective training program:

  • The brain and learning mechanisms to adapt formats—download the infographic.
  • The human factor and individual personality traits to optimize engagement and provide the right training courses for each team member.
  • The importance of managers to motivate their teams, give the right feedback, and encourage employee development.
  • Collecting, analyzing, and leveraging data to continuously improve learning programs.

See our augmented infographic to find out how to align these four critical pillars with your learning and business goals, drawing inspiration from Bloom’s Taxonomy and its six skill levels:

  • knowledge
  • comprehension
  • application
  • analysis
  • synthesis
  • evaluation
Fine-tune your learning goals
From work-based skills (knowledge, comprehension, and application) to more global aims, the focus should be on cross-disciplinary or managerial skills (analysis, synthesis, and evaluation).

Interactive information and all new content

Browse our interactive content and you’ll see additional information that can help you fulfill your learning goals. You’ll also find specific skills-based exercises that learners can use to complete tests, as well as links to brand-new information to guide your digital learning programs.

Find out how LXPs and our customized learning solutions can help you fulfill the toughest learning goals. Make your programs more impactful by employing these 4 pillars to help enhance learning for all team members throughout your organization.

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