Digital Learning to Onboard 250K Volunteers at JA USA

Case Study

Digital Learning to Onboard 250K Volunteers at JA USA

Case Study
Digital Learning to Onboard 250K Volunteers at JA USA
Junior Achievement is an international non-profit organization whose mission is to provide youth with the skills and knowledge necessary to build a successful professional future. By offering them the keys to economic improvement and business success, the platform is a veritable trampoline for youth of all walks of life. The organization is involved with over 10 million young people around the world, 4.8 million of which are in the United States. Discover the story of Junior Achievement USA and CrossKnowledge with our new case study.
Junior Achievement Case Study


Junior Achievement case study: the need for a digital learning platform

With the passage of time, the company became bogged down with too much paper material and wanted to join the digital revolution to expand its reach. To do so, an online learning solution was added to the horizon. Junior Achievement USA called on CrossKnowledge to help develop a digital learning platform and offer a scalable, flexible educational solution that could adapt according to its users’ needs and offer top quality service. The platform needed to be user friendly and collect data to display progress and results. Download the Junior Achievement case study and discover the solutions provided by CrossKnowledge.

The JA Platform: interactive, ergonomic and scalable

CrossKnowledge co-developed an ergonomic, easy-to-use solution to harness masses of paper-based learning material via a digital learning environment. It offers remote access to a centralized, online solution easily accessible to both learners and organization volunteers. The company offers support and room for growth. Whereas the process of digitizing key programs can often take up to five years, with CrossKnowledge it took less than one year to get the solution up and running, to the greatest benefit of learners.

“CrossKnowledge has been an essential partner in allowing JA to deliver its programs digitally to the young people we serve.”

Jack Kosakowski
President and CEO of Junior Achievement USA

Using the JA platform, students can follow up after their classroom time by taking surveys and quizzes or viewing statistics related to their progress, strengths, weaknesses, or areas of improvement. The statistics can be aggregated to better view progress over time and learn more about areas that require particular attention. Services can also be personalized for individuals, offering more refined evaluation, and the solution offers both non-linear and digital volunteer learning experiences. Discover the complete Junior Achievement case study now to read on the digital learning solution provided by CrossKnowledge.

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