The Learning Experience: Improve Memorization with Blended Learning<br>Join Arnold on His Learning Adventures!


The Learning Experience: Improve Memorization with Blended Learning
Join Arnold on His Learning Adventures!

The Learning Experience: Improve Memorization with Blended Learning<br>Join Arnold on His Learning Adventures!
Arnold hasn’t been a sales manager for very long. Like most employees, he sometimes goes to training sessions. Six months ago, he attended a two-day professional development program. He barely remembers anything! And this isn’t the first time this has happened. Arnold wonders if he has a problem, since he never seems to remember what the trainer says. Although he’s diligent and proactive during the training, Arnold is seriously questioning his ability to memorize what he’s learned. He’s not alone. Read our e-Book to learn the reasons why Arnold has forgotten 95% of what he’s observed in training sessions, and discover ways to better support him (and every other employee) throughout the learning process.

Arnold’s problem

Arnold has positive memories of his training experience. But he hasn’t changed his selling style. He’s still performing at the same level he was six months ago. But how can this be? The training was top-notch, with role-playing and dynamic, spirited presentations. With this first episode of Arnold’s adventures, you will come to find out why certain training sessions fail to produce the expected results.

Blended Learning: The right solution for Arnold

Does the forgetting curve mean anything to you? It has certainly impacted Arnold, who remembered 90% of training right after the session, but only 30% a week later! But what if the training had combined a variety of formats (micro and macro learning) and rhythms. That definitely would have helped maximize the effectiveness of Arnold’s training, especially long-term! The variation in training methods and the personalization of content is what guarantees knowledge retention and the transformation of this knowledge into usable skills. In addition, this specific formula increasingly engages your learners, which is a key factor for success.

This is the basic principle of blended learning! Our e-Book explains why Arnold forgets 95% of what was covered in training, and shows how he can remember more of what he’s learned.

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