Lifelong Learning<br>Arnold’s Adventures, Episode 4


Lifelong Learning
Arnold’s Adventures, Episode 4

Lifelong Learning<br>Arnold’s Adventures, Episode 4
In an ever-changing world, you can’t afford to stagnate. You have to update and refresh your skills. But new manager Arnold is happier staying in his comfort zone. Training and the inevitable changes that follow sound like hard work. Now is the time for Arnold to shift his mindset. Looking at training as an ongoing process that melds seamlessly into his workflow will help his outlook and improve his performance. Read our new e-Book to find out more about the benefits of lifelong learning.

Continued professional development: lifelong learning

As a new manager, Arnold realizes that he needs to update his skills to suit his new role and adapt to external and internal changes.

But isn’t regular training a waste of time? Absolutely not! With the right support, a steady schedule, and easy access, training can help all team members develop their skills throughout their working lives.

Training to keep pace with change—and to keep things interesting!

We now think of training as a real opportunity. Lifelong learning helps people move forward with their careers. It also helps companies tailor their resources to their needs in real time, keeping them competitive.

Arnold’s Adventures
The challenges Arnold is facing–and the insight these challenges can provide to L&D–should be common topics among your workforce:

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Discover how to help your team members embrace lifelong learning just like Arnold has. Download the new episode of Arnold’s adventures!

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