NEXT 2021 Conference Recap: CrossKnowledge + L’Occitane

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NEXT 2021 Conference Recap: CrossKnowledge + L’Occitane

NEXT 2021 Conference Recap: CrossKnowledge + L’Occitane

How Implementing a Data Mindset in L&D Led to Success at L’Occitane

The CrossKnowledge solution helps us use data to measure impact.Claudia Furtado, Group Learning and Organizational Development Manager at Groupe L’Occitane

Topping off our coverage of the NEXT 2021 Conference, our annual client event, we had Frederic Fouquet, Business Director at CrossKnowledge, interview Claudia Furtado, Group Learning and Organizational Development Manager at Groupe L’Occitane. They discussed the value of data in spurring and measuring L&D success, as well as talking about how the Group combines technology with data to positively impact quality, motivation, ROI, and innovation.

Using data to improve the learning experience

During the interview, Furtado stressed the importance of using data to measure and understand the impact their training program has on learners and the overall business. When A/B testing for new programs and courses, they are able to analyze and apply the gathered data to improve the learning experience. Thanks to this valuable insight, Groupe L’Occitane was able to meet the individual learning needs of 10,000-plus employees.

Understanding employee needs and preferences

To underline this point, Furtado described how Groupe L’Occitane had initially assumed that employees would prefer desktop learning to mobile learning. But surprisingly, when they looked at the data it showed a clear preference for mobile learning among employees. Understanding their employees’ preferences helped to inform and improve the Group’s learning offer. This and other data were then presented to upper management to gain support and buy-in for other learning and development programs.

Finishing the interview, Furtado described how Groupe L’Occitane took hard data on completion rates, satisfaction, and impact and combined it with end-of-course surveys in BlendedX to determine what users liked, what they disliked, and what they wanted more of. This allowed them to adapt to their users’ needs and preferences so that they could design and deliver bite-size ten-minute learning modules that were ideal for busy retail employees. The results were an impressive 100% engagement rate among employees, an average of seven hours of training per employee per year, and a measurable improvement in ROI.

The NEXT Conference is CrossKnowledge’s annual event that brings together valued clients and partners for 2 days of inspirational keynote speakers, informative product talks, client spotlight sessions, roundtable discussions and the opportunity to reconnect or meet new people.The NEXT 2021 Conference was fully virtual and had over 700 registrations from 52 countries. Attendees were able to select among 32 streaming sessions covering a diverse range of hot topics and challenges that impact L&D, many offering live Q&As with experts and actionable takeaways. The sessions are available on unlimited replay for all registered guests.

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