NEXT 2021 Conference Recap: CrossKnowledge + Storebrand

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NEXT 2021 Conference Recap: CrossKnowledge + Storebrand

NEXT 2021 Conference Recap: CrossKnowledge + Storebrand

BlendedX – A Tool for Change at Storebrand

BlendedX was the main vehicle for delivering the learning experience and has been an important tool for change at Storebrand.– Live Leer, Head of Learning & Development at Storebrand

Continuing the NEXT 2021 Conference Recap series, one session saw Live Leer, Head of Learning & Development at Storebrand, and Nora Rolstad, Development Sherpa at Storebrand, recount how the company used CrossKnowledge’s BlendedX technology to develop a new online learning platform for its employees.

BlendedX technology for a new online learning platform

With a 1,700-strong workforce based in Norway and Sweden, Storebrand’s corporate culture was very much focused on in-person communication and classroom-based learning and development. But the company wanted to give employees greater freedom and control over their development with a self-directed online and mobile platform. Leer and Rolstad explained that the new platform had to be able to integrate with the company’s current technologies to make it easier for employees to adopt. One main reason why Storebrand chose CrossKnowledge as its partner was because its BlendedX technology was mobile-ready, easy to use, and able to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Teams.

Building experience, competence and confidence

The rollout was a success! Both users and the L&D team appreciated how seamlessly BlendedX integrated with Microsoft Teams to bring learning into the online space that employees were already familiar with. The short, sharp learning modules provided by BlendedX were very popular, with high completion and satisfaction rates. The ability to send nudges to those who need to finish a training helps to encourage engagement and improve course completion rates.

BlendedX helped us upgrade the learning experience and take it to the next level.– Nora Rolstad, Development Sherpa at Storebrand

Because the company was already using BlendedX for online learning, Storebrand was well-prepared when the COVID-19 lockdown began. Users were able to continue their learning and development while working from home, and many expressed a preference for digital learning over in-person training.

With CrossKnowledge’s continuous support, BlendedX has been a valuable tool for change at Storebrand. Their success with this technology was based on experimentation with the variety of activities available, and the freedom to use the solution creatively and blend it with other digital tools already available to employees. The ability to adapt and upgrade the user experience means that the impact of this new technology will continue to elevate learning at Storebrand well into the future. Ultimately, CrossKnowledge and BlendedX helped Storebrand to seamlessly transition to digital learning and take the experience to the next level.

The NEXT Conference is CrossKnowledge’s annual event that brings together valued clients and partners for 2 days of inspirational keynote speakers, informative product talks, client spotlight sessions, roundtable discussions and the opportunity to reconnect or meet new people.The NEXT 2021 Conference was fully virtual and had over 700 registrations from 52 countries. Attendees were able to select among 32 streaming sessions covering a diverse range of hot topics and challenges that impact L&D, many offering live Q&As with experts and actionable takeaways. The sessions are available on unlimited replay for all registered guests.

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