Soft Skills Winter Edition: Why Personal Growth is More Essential Than Ever


Soft Skills Winter Edition: Why Personal Growth is More Essential Than Ever

Soft Skills Winter Edition: Why Personal Growth is More Essential Than Ever
This compilation directly addresses the importance of soft skills in the workplace and why it’s so important for employers to be active participants and fully integrated into learning. With contributions from three esteemed authors, this compilation is essential reading for anyone with managerial responsibility.

Fons Trompenaars

Understanding cultural differences

An expert in cross-cultural communication, Fons champions respecting differences in cultures and understanding that it’s okay to have different value systems. Using his four Rs method (Recognize, Respect, Reconcile and Realize and root) workers can learn to reach solutions which are aligned with your business strategy.

Successfully changing corporate culture for personal growth

Fons also delves into more detail regarding corporate culture, examining what it means for an organization to survive and grow in a global context. He has a multi-step process for corporate change that benefits everyone.

Amy Edmondson: create an safe environment for personal growth

As a Harvard Professor and an expert on psychological safety, Amy focuses on the damaging culture of silence where employees don’t feel able to speak up. Using statistics to back up her assertions, Amy demonstrates how this type of culture can lead to business failure.

Psychological safety is not a luxury; it’s critical for every workplace. Amy shares tips on how to create a safe workplace as well as eradicate a harmful culture of silence. Follow her advice on creating a workspace where employees feel nurtured, valued and encouraged to contribute.

Matthieu Ricard

Matthieu is a top-selling author and Buddhist monk, who delves into the rippling effects of corporate altruism and its benefits on employees, companies, and the globe.

By practicing compassion and benevolence, it’s possible to create a caring economy in the workplace, one that motivates individuals to support each other and become genuinely invested in the success of the business.

Investing in the personal growth of your teams could produce extraordinary success for your business and this compilation shows you how to achieve this by developing soft skills and create a great environment for your employees. Don’t wait the spring to read our Soft Skills Winter Edition!

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