Soft Skills Series: Understanding Cultural Differences – Episode 2


Soft Skills Series: Understanding Cultural Differences – Episode 2

Soft Skills Series: Understanding Cultural Differences – Episode 2
In today’s fast-paced, interconnected world, people are moving around the globe‒ and so is business‒ across distances that are ever shorter thanks to technology. To compete in this globalized market, companies are relying on talent from a range of different cultural backgrounds. More often than not, the impact this multicultural dimension has within a company is overlooked, which can lead to misunderstandings, ineffective decision-making, and poor employee relations overall. How can your workforce become more adaptable to the unique demands of working in a diverse environment? We give you tips on how to prepare your employees for an intercultural workplace in our new 10 minute e-Book.

The Four R’s— The Fons Trompenaars Method

Discover the 4-step method for dealing with multicultural dilemmas, developed by renowned consultant and trainer in cross-cultural communication, Fons Trompenaars. This method is based on the four R’s:

  • Recognize
  • Respect
  • Reconcile
  • Realize and Root

To help companies implement this process, our insightful e-Book provides you with background information on identifying and understanding cultural differences. Based on extensive research that Fons has carried out over the course of his career, this clear-cut method will help you prepare your employees to successfully reconcile diversity in a global business setting.

What’s inside

intercultural workplace Fons Trompenaars e-Book
Opening with a brief introduction and biography about Fons Trompenaars, the e-Book is divided into 3 main parts:

  • Part 1: Culture and Its Multiple Layers
  • Part 2: The 7 Dimensions of Culture
  • Part 3: Intercultural Collaboration Explained in 4 Steps

The first section presents a brief explanation of how culture is structured. The second delves into the various perspectives that exist, and the third offers a 4-step method for reconciling and managing cross-cultural situations.

Company processes are only effective if your employees receive the training they need to implement them properly. With this new 10-minute e-Book, Understanding Culture for Improved Business Relations, you will receive all the tools you need to invest in the personal growth of your employees. By better understanding how and why people work differently, and addressing the cultural diversity of their work environment, they will be able to effectively apply company processes to enhance productivity and improve relationships with their peers. Nothing but benefits all around!

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